About Jodi

Jodi McLean is a Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance 200 - RYT and the Davidji Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher Academy.  She is a former classical ballet dancer with over 15 years of dedicated yoga practice and pilates experience to her name. Jodi grew up in Salt Lake City dancing for the University of Utah School of Dance and Ballet West, and spent many of her post-graduate years as an endurance road cyclist and avid powder skier in the Wasatch Mountains. 

Yoga is her sanctuary and space for self-awareness and healing. She loves nothing more than sharing the power of movement, expression and wellness with others. Her passion for yoga shines through her teaching in the form of a safe, supportive and fun-loving environment . She teaches meditation  not only as an antidote to stress, but as a powerful tool for living  your best version.  Her meditation classes are designed to help each student find a style that resonates best with the individual, by using a combination of scientifically based principles and ancient yogic practices.  

Jodi’s key principles focus on alignment and the creation of space in the body and mind. When we create space in the body, we make room for strength, grace and overall mindbody wellness. It is the gateway to self-awareness and personal growth. Using these principles, Jodi helps students integrate yoga and meditation into their everyday lives. 

Jodi lives what she teaches and devotes five days a week to her own yoga practice and meditates daily. In her spare time you might find her prowling the local farmer’s markets for obscure root vegetables, perched in front of a potter’s wheel with a fresh lump of clay, or leading a women’s cyclocross ride deep into the Marin Headlands.