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Join Me for a Powerful Fall Reset!

Create. Meditate. Manifest.

Workshop with Mindful One Meditation  and The Wild Sage Collective


Date: September 28, 2019

Location: Mindful One Meditation

Time: 1:00pm to 3:00 pm

Cost: $95  Workshop available for sign up at 

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Let's Manifest our Deepest Desires!

 Join me for this powerful fall reset!  Establish where you are on your journey in this life as you gain clarity about your hearts desires and greater purpose.

In this workshop you will be guided through a powerful intention setting process and discussion about your self journey, passion and purpose. We will then learn about the tradition of the Mala beads and how you can incorporate meditation into your life to help continue the vibration of your intentions and rise up your best version EVERYDAY.  

We'll create our own gorgeous Mod Malas,  fill them with our deepest intentions,  set a fresh, clear trajectory and bless our malas with a powerful guided group meditation.  Let the highest vibration win!   


Create. Meditate. Manifest.


For thousands of years, mala beads have been used as a tool for yogis and meditators to help keep their minds focused during meditation. 

Join us as we learn about the tradition behind the mala beads as a tool and how we can modernize this ancient tool and use it in our everyday practice. 

About Jodi

Jodi McLean is a Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance 200 - RYT and the Davidji Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher Academy.  She is a former classical ballet dancer with over 15 years of dedicated yoga practice and pilates experience to her name. Jodi grew up in Salt Lake City dancing for the University of Utah School of Dance and Ballet West, and spent many of her post-graduate years as an endurance road cyclist and avid powder skier in the Wasatch Mountains. 

Yoga is her sanctuary and space for self-awareness and healing. She loves nothing more than sharing the power of movement, expression and wellness with others. Her passion for yoga shines through her teaching in the form of a safe, supportive and fun-loving environment . She teaches meditation  not only as an antidote to stress, but as a powerful tool for living  your best version. Jodi’s key principles focus on alignment and the creation of space in the body and mind. When we create space in the body, we make room for strength, grace and overall mindbody wellness. Space in the mind is the gateway to self-awareness and personal growth. Using these principles, Jodi helps students integrate yoga and meditation into their everyday lives. 

Jodi lives what she teaches and devotes five days a week to her own yoga practice and meditates daily. In her spare time you might find her prowling the local farmer’s markets for obscure root vegetables, perched in front of a potter’s wheel with a fresh lump of clay, or leading a women’s cyclocross ride deep into the Marin Headlands.

New Classes with Breathe Salt Yoga!

That's right! Practice with me in the Himalayan Salt Room!

Looking for a yoga class in the bay area? Join me on Wednesdays and Thursdays in San Francisco's new Himalayan salt space!  This beautiful space combines the benefits of yoga with breathing Himalayan salts. These salts have endless health benefits and are known to help with stress management, respiratory issues, skin problems, and infections. 

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Located at  2528 Ocean Ave
San Francisco, CA 94132 

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Practice with me and experience the healing benefits of Himalayan Salt


Breathe Salt Yoga SF


Interested in Meditation?

Looking for a life filled with less stress and anxiety, greater clarity, healthier immune system, conscious choice making, passion, a greater purpose, and overall mind-body balance? These are just a few benefits of the ancient practice of meditation.  For thousands of years people all over the world have been using meditation to dive deep into the stillness within to break through the constrictions of life and find greater clarity and fulfillment. 

Have you been interested in trying meditation or are you looking to go deeper into your own personal practice?  Join me for a guided meditation session at Mindful One Meditation Studio located in beautiful Marin County! Or ask be about my private and team building meditation sessions. 

My weekly classes are as follows:

Saturdays  8:00 am - 8:45 am

Meditation - Intention Setting


8:30 - 9:15 am

Meditation - Mindful Express

6:00 - 6:45 pm

Meditation - Evening Reset

For more information about my schedule and offerings, please email me directly at  or  visit


Bring Yoga and Meditation into your Workplace!

Learn how overall wellness can lead to happier staff and a more productive business.

In my team mindfulness classes you will:

  • learn mindful techniques that will empower each team member to handle challenges with grace and confidence 
  • establish how using yoga can help  posture and workplace comfort to improve productivity and overall happiness 
  • experience and learn simple breathing and meditation techniques for calming of the mind 
  • and of course, enjoy a lovely yoga session of breath synchronized movement bringing relief to overworked or dormant muscles groups caused by stressors in the work environment.  - this can be in a chair or on the mat.

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With over 15 years of experience working as a Registered Dental Assistant and Dental Practice Manager, Jodi loves nothing more than bringing out the best in teams and company culture by adding a more mindful approach to their everyday routine. 

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Yoga For Athletes

Yoga For Athletes - Pelo Fitness San Rafael



 This rapidly growing local bay area community of like-minded yogis and cyclists is the perfect fit for a combination of my passions; as a lifelong yoga devotee, and a local Marin cyclist who once dabbled in endurance racing. 

Designed to complement Pelo's signature strength and endurance spin classes, I'll be introducing my own special series of yoga sessions three times a week. With traditional flow as a foundation, these all-level classes are designed to  enable regular athletes and avid cyclists to train and compete with greater flexibility, efficiency, and strength. 

 And when I'm not in the yoga studio, you'll find me keeping my cycling legs pumping in spin class!

Class Schedule


  • Tuesday 6:30 pm
  • Saturday 10:15 am
  • Sunday 10:15 am

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To quote my new friends at Pelo:  

Cycle. Bend. Grin. Repeat. 

See you there!  

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Yoga for Everyone!

Join me and the Red Dragon team every Sunday at 1:30 for an all levels heated vinyasa experience. See what yoga can do for you! Body, mind, breath - $10 drop- in. See you on the mat! Reserve your space here

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