Jodi is a wonderful yoga instructor. My boyfriend and I were lucky to have a private session with her in our home. She taught us both the proper movement of many base positions. We both left the class feeling uplifted and joyous! Looking forward to taking many more classes from her in the future! 

I have know Jodi McLean since she became a yoga teacher.  I was fortunate enough to catch her first community classes when she came out of training and I am amazed at her expertise.She has practiced yoga for years and years--her wisdom and spirit shine through with each pose, move and sequencing.  She is so intuitive and enlightening.  She has a beautiful voice and spirit.  Student's feel her energy and I find it motivating, comforting, inspiring and energizing all in one class.
She also has a great wealth of knowledge and insight into yoga.  So if a student has particular needs or requests she is able to teach to the particular situation and student.  Each class feels like a special class for each student! I also love the music!  Her play list is not ever thrown together. The music is sequenced to the yoga and very fun, refreshing and exciting.  
Omg.  I can not wait for her "community class" at The Strawberry Recreation Center in January.

I'm always looking forward to practicing with Jodi. She has this fine talent of guiding the beginner but also refining and challenging the advanced yogis. She's thoughtful in her guidance, staying true to the priniciples of yoga, and by the end of class, your mind and body will be more at ease. I love her purposeful and encouraging energy, and her music is a plus!

Over the course of several years, I've had the pleasure of watching Jodi's growth from dancer, to yogi, to teacher - and witness firsthand not only her dedication to the craft, but her enthusiasm, which has a knack for inspiring those around her to either take up yoga, or push themselves to further fine-tune their own practice. She's parlayed that instinct and innate desire to elevate those around her into an excellent community yoga class, which should prove challenging to experienced yogis, while remaining accessible and fun for those looking to lay down a strong foundation of the yoga fundamentals. Plus, she has great taste in the music she incorporates into her classes - this one's not to be missed!

 Jodi is a skilled practitioner of yoga! She is a wonderfully spirited person with high energy and charisma. She is a great motivator and excellent if you need a little guidance. I only had the pleasure of being under her instruction once but with that one class, I left feeling less stressed, more mindful, centered, and peaceful. Most importantly I felt like I got an amazing workout!! Best of both worlds!! I can't wait for the community class at strawberry rec!