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I used to feel so lost in this world. I felt empty. I was hopeful but bliss seemed like a lifetime away. I knew I wanted more. I needed more.  And so, around my 30th year, my search began. What I didn't realize was that everything I needed was already inside of me. I just needed someone to help me access it. Meet my meditation teacher and mentor Davidji

I decided to study with Davidji because I was ready for a change and I knew his style was exactly what I needed and wanted. He’s knowledgeable, he’s approachable, he cares about you, he makes you dig deep, and you have fun doing it! 

His training helps you step into your own greatness, expand your meditation practice, connect with others at a soul deep level and stop holding onto things that aren't serving you. 

Honestly, this teacher training changed my life! There is so much more to it than you can even imagine. There are three spots left for the next training that starts in December. If this calls to you, take my advice and sign up! & be sure to mention my name when you register! 

Davidji's teacher training changed my life!  Whether you want to teach or not, this training will give you the wisdom you need to be your best self! 


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